• Do you have welcome letter?
    Yes... click here
  • How do I contact the guard?
    The guard house phone number is 210-687-0276.  In the event that you cannot reach the guard, try again a again at a later time, or use the alternative means detailed below.  Call 911 in any emergency.
    We utilize Gate Sentry for managing resident visitors.  
    The distribution of entrance gate remotes is managed through Diamond Association Mgmt.  Please contact them to purchase a remote.

  • How do I get a remote for the gate?
    The distribution of remotes is managed through our management company.  Please contact them directly.
  • Does Champions Ridge have a standardized Realtor "For Sale" sign?
    Yes. The standardized sign can be viewed here.
  • What company is the administrative manager for Champions Ridge?
    The company managing the assets of the Champions Ridge Homeowners Association is Diamond Association Management.   The responsibilities of Diamond Association Management are to represent the HOA in providing for the physical maintenance and operation of the common facilities as well as administer the services of all contractors providing services to the HOA.
    Additional responsibilities include collecting assessments, making disbursements, establishing a budget, keeping financial records and maintaining all administrative records of the HOA.  Diamond also has other responsibilities, at the direction of the Board, such as assisting in architectural control.
    Click below to be directed :
    14603 Huebner Road, Building 40

    San Antonio, Texas 78230

    Manager: Steve Brown
    Phone: 210-561-0606
    Fax: 210 -690-1125
  • When is the trash/ recycling picked up?
    Champions Ridge has trash services on Tuesdays and Fridays
    • Tuesday service is Recycling and Trash
    • Friday Service is Trash only
    Homeowners pay for this service directly to Republic.  
    Republic Services
    Main Office: 1-800-275-4234
  • How do I send a note to the neighborhood?
  • Is there a reservation form for the tennis court?
    Yes.  Please use the reservation portion of the site to schedule use of the court.